Following the invitation of the Ministry of Energy of Iran, a high-level delegation from the energy sector of Oman Sultanate, composed of the Chairman of Energy and Water Organization of Oman, Executive Directors of the Power Regulatory Administration, and General Manager of Water Projects, paid a visit to Iran in late September 2018.

A joint meeting between Oman delegation and representatives from Iranian private consulting engineers companies was organized by host organization on 27 September 2018 in the central building of the Ministry of Energy of Iran.

At the beginning of the meeting, the host authorities welcomed the delegation from Oman and expressed hope for effective cooperation between two countries in the interested areas. Then representatives from Iranian private consulting engineers companies made a short presentation on their work experiences, capabilities, and potentialities, showing their tendency to participate in energy projects in Oman. Saman Ab Sarzamin Consulting Engineers (SAS) as a member of the International Consultants and Contractors Association of Iran, also made a presentation on its ongoing and future activities and projects.

During the presentation of the Oman delegation, the Chairman of the Water and Energy Organization of Oman announced the readiness of the Government of Oman Sultanate to cooperate with Iranian companies in the field of water and power industry. He reminded the challenges of the Government of Oman in the power and water industry and the shortage in supplying and distribution of water and power in some cities and rural areas of their country and made hope to resolve the problem with the participation and cooperation of Iranian capable companies.

Seawater desalination, generation, and distribution of power increasing the capacity of renewable power plants up to 3000 MW till 2023 were mentioned by Oman delegation as part of the work programme of the Government of Oman in the energy sector. It was said that international tender for the mentioned projects will be announced in near future through the website of the Ministry of Energy of Iran ( and invited Iranian companies to active participate in the tender.


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