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One of the areas of specialization of SAS Consulting Engineers is Geographic Studies and Spatial Planning which has brought valuable experiences for the company through the implementation of the related projects particularly projects related to urban and regional planning and spatial designing. Implementation of tourism development projects and preparing tourism development master plan at natural sites, mostly located near dams and natural resources, is part of the achievements of the company that requires compliance with environmental criteria, standards, and considerations.

Major areas of work in this field are presented below:

Regional Planning

  • Study of the geographic distribution of population and activities
  • Analysis of spatial dispersion of settlements
  • Urban planning and urban design
  • Regional planning and regional design
  • Rural development planning
  • Land use planning
  • Socio-economic study of nomad society
  • Providing possible solutions to resolve land-use originated problems in rural areas


  • Feasibility study of tourism development
  • Identification of tourism development capabilities
  • Zoning tourism activities
  • Preparing tourism development master plan
  • Estimation of the investment cost of tourism development projects
  • Economic analysis of tourism development investment
  • Formulating economic model for tourism development investment
  • Preparing necessary documents of tourism development projects
  • Negotiating with investors
  • Providing technical consultancy on the bidding of tourism development projects

Geographical Studies

  • Geographic data analysis and mapping
  • Application of powerful geographical tools (GIS, Cartography, Remote Sensing)
  • Organization of land use
  • Environmental geography
  • Urban geography studies
  • Human and cultural geography (Organization planning of postal nomads)


  • Tourism site plan design
  • Preparing detailed architecture of tourism structures
  • Tourism complex design (accommodation buildings, restaurant, coffee shop and reception places, cultural and artistic structures, recreational, entertainment, and sports facilities)
  • Landscape design
  • Administrative and residential building design
  • 3D simulation modeling of tourism development projects